Professional Quality for Weight Lifting, Cross Fit, Fitness & Crossing Training – Gel Padded with Wrist Strap Support. Non Slip Gym Workout Gloves for Men & Women


  • WRIST SUPPORT – Nellu has developed a glove with a wrist wrap that is 12 inches long and goes around your wrist. One of the serious injuries people face during a weight lighting session, cross fit training, or power lifting session is a wrist injury. Nellu Gloves keep your wrist stable during long workout sessions
  • Gel Padded – Palm and fingers are another significant part of the hand put under stress on during a gym session ,weight lifting and any other fitness related activity. It caused to develop very painful blisters and calluses. Nellu Gel padded gloves provide right amount of Gel padding to protect your hands from painful blisters and calluses.enable to enjoy your work out.
  • Grip – The grip play a very important role either you do weight lifting, cross fit training, power lifting or any other gym session. May be safety of you and others around you.Nellu gloves use flexible and stretchable materials to support you with the Grip. Non – Slip Gel pads help you to hang on to your Grip.
  • Material – A unique “Comfort Tech” fabrics used on this Nellu gloves. Comfort Tech brings comfort and flexibility. Well ventilated gloves keep your hand fresh through out long work out session. This hand washable gloves keep out nasty smell.

•Nellu glove hassle free design allows users to wear and remove the gloves in seconds.
•Hand washing and air drying removes salt and oils, maintaining suppleness, original fit, helping gloves to last longer.
•Unique “Comfort Tech” fabrics remain supple and comfortable, keeping their original fit even after hand washing.
•3/4 finger length maximizes hand protection.
•TechGel Comfort Pads for perfect amount of cushioning.
•Excellent workmanship enable to provide one year manufacturer’s warranty.